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Exit bags are a premium way to send your clients off happy while also maintaining compliance laws. These child resistant, opaque, and smell proof point of purchase bags ensure that both parties in a sale remain compliant. These are adequately sized to fit multiple products of varying sizes.

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Available Styles

Pinch and Slide technology
Child Resistant Zipper
Smell proof. 6”x9”x2”

Suggested Use

Pricing includes dispensary Exit bags delivered and ready for use.

Pricing Includes

Most states require Exit bags upon selling edibles, if they are not outright needed for all purchases. Never worry about missing a sale again.

$0.70 a piece

1 - 1,200 pieces
$0.62 (11% off)
1,201+ pieces
Product Features

That’s not all! We offer a wide range of treatments including but not limited to hot foil stamping, water transfers, powder coating and more, available for both jars and lids!

Finally, we offer warehousing solutions so you can order in large quantities while maintaining your on-time delivery system without worry.

Certified Child Resistant

Our Hinged CR Tins are child-resistant certified. They’re specifically designed to only be easily opened by adults.

Happier When Hinged

The integrated hinge means that the lid is never lost. Print on the interior lid with a pattern or brand story for an extra special experience.

Robust Print Capabilities

Like all of our products, the only limit is your imagination. From Pantone matching to metallics and spot UV, customize to your heart’s content.

Durable & Recyclable

With 100% tin construction, these tins are made to be reusable. Since they’re all-metal, that means they are easily recyclable!

Multiple Sizes Available

We offer our products in assorted shapes and sizes, so you can safely store all your products. Whether it’s a vape cartridge, a pack of pre-rolls, or a battery kit, we’ve got you covered,

Customizable Insert Options

Sometimes you just need a little bit more security. Our customizable inserts come in multiple materials, shapes, and sizes, to hold your product in place.

Additional Options

Biodegradable Inserts

Biodegradable Inserts



Air Seal Band


Emboss /


* Prices are per unit unless otherwise noted.

In the world of discreet and secure packaging, exit bags play a pivotal role, offering a reliable solution for various industries, including cannabis and pharmaceuticals. Whether you are a business owner or an individual user, understanding how to use departure sacks and their associated benefits is crucial. Let’s dive into the details and explore why you should order these duffels or custom sample boxes for your company.

How to Use Exit Bags Effectively

Exit backpacks are designed to provide a secure and tamper-evident solution for transporting commodities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

Choose the Right SizeThe first step in using egress totes effectively is selecting an appropriate size. Ensure that the chosen bag comfortably accommodates the products without being too tight. A well-fitted finale bag prevents potential damage to the items inside during transit
Seal ProperlyOnce you’ve chosen the right size, the next crucial aspect is proper sealing. It’s imperative to ensure that the exit bag is securely sealed to maintain the freshness of the commodities and prevent any unwanted tampering. Most departure sacks come equipped with built-in adhesive closures, simplifying the sealing process for users
LabelingAdding clear and concise labeling to the egress tote is a crucial step in the process. Include all relevant information such as product details, batch numbers, and any required warnings or disclaimers. Properly labeled backpacks contribute not only to compliance with industry regulations but also enhance overall safety for both users and handlers
Follow Regulatory GuidelinesDifferent industries have specific boxing regulations to which businesses must adhere. To ensure proper usage of egress totes, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and guidelines. Staying informed about industry-specific regulations guarantees that your boxing practices align with legal requirements, avoiding potential complications
Consider Environmental ImpactIn today’s environmentally conscious landscape, it’s worthwhile to consider the environmental impact of your packaging choices. Opt for exit bags made from eco-friendly materials or those that can be recycled. Choosing sustainable options not only aligns with global efforts for a greener future but also reflects positively on your brand image
Evaluate Product CompatibilityDifferent commodities have varying transportation requirements. Evaluate the nature of the items being transported and choose backpacks that provide the necessary protection. Some merchandise may require additional features such as moisture resistance or UV protection, so selecting duffels with these specifications is crucial
Train Staff on Proper UsageImplementing effective usage of egress totes requires proper training for staff involved in the boxing process. Ensure that your team is educated on the correct procedures for selecting, sealing, and labeling departure sacks. Training contributes to consistency and compliance across your operation

What Are The Spheres Of Usage Of Custom Exit Bags

Cannabis industry: ensuring compliance and safety The joint industry operates within a framework of rigorous regulations and compliance standards. Tailored departure sacks play a pivotal role in ensuring adherence to these stringent requirements, providing a legal and secure solution for wrapping joint merchandise. This not only safeguards businesses from legal complications but also contributes to creating a safer environment for both sellers and consumers.

What Are The Spheres Of Usage Of Custom Exit BagsBrand representation: an identity on the move Customization offers businesses the opportunity to extend their brand identity beyond the confines of the store. By incorporating unique designs, logos, and color schemes on tailored egress totes, companies can turn each package into a mobile billboard. This not only enhances brand visibility but also fosters brand recognition among consumers. Every package becomes a statement, creating a lasting impression on those who encounter it.

Tailored to product specifications: fit for every form Cannabis commodities come in a myriad of forms, from delicate flowers to delectable edibles. Custom finale bags can be meticulously tailored to accommodate these specific product types, ensuring a snug fit that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. This bespoke tailoring guarantees optimal protection during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage or contamination.

Odor control: a discreet journey Odor control is a paramount concern in the hemp industry due to the distinctive scent associated with joint products. Many custom secure duffels are equipped with advanced odor-resistant materials. This feature not only maintains the freshness of the merchandise but also enhances discretion during transit. Businesses can transport their produce confidently, knowing that unwanted odors are effectively contained within the tailored leaving carriers.

Beyond joint: adaptable solutions

Beyond joint: adaptable solutions

Custom finale duffels as a cannabis packaging design are not exclusive to the hemp industry. Their adaptability extends to various sectors where secure, branded, and tailored boxing is essential. From pharmaceuticals to specialty foods, the flexibility of custom off-ramp backpacks makes them a versatile solution for businesses looking to elevate their covering game while maintaining compliance and safety.

Benefits of choosing quality exit bags

When it comes to wrapping, the choice of backpacks brings a plethora of benefits for both businesses and consumers alike:

  • Compliance and Safety

High-quality carriers are designed to meet regulatory standards, ensuring your produce comply with industry-specific regulations and safety measures.

  • Tamper-Evident Design

Benefits of choosing quality exit bagsThe tamper-evident features of off-ramp tackles provide assurance that the contents have not been accessed or altered during transportation.

  • Odor Control

For industries like hemp, where odor control is crucial, leaving carriers with advanced materials help contain and minimize the scent, maintaining discretion.

  • Branding Opportunities

Many tackles allow for tailored branding, providing a marketing opportunity for businesses to showcase their logo, colors, or any promotional information.

  • Environmental Considerations

Opt for eco-friendly departure sacks made from recyclable materials, contributing to sustainability efforts and meeting the growing demand for environmentally conscious choices.

Packagebros: elevating your cannabis exit bags experience

When it comes to choosing the right provider for hemp carriers, Packagebros stands out as a reliable partner. Here’s why opting for Packagebros is a game-changer:

Extensive Customization OptionsPackagebros understands the uniqueness of each brand. With a wide range of customization options, businesses can create leaving cases that align seamlessly with their brand image and values
Compliance ExpertiseNavigating the complex landscape of joint regulations can be daunting. Packagebros brings expertise in compliance, ensuring that the tailored exit carryalls meet all necessary legal requirements
Focus on SustainabilityPackagebros is committed to sustainability. Their leaving tackles often utilize eco-friendly materials, contributing to environmental responsibility and meeting the growing demand for green wrapping solutions
Quality AssuranceThe durability and quality of tailored carriers from Packagebros are unmatched. Rigorous testing processes guarantee that the cases are tamper-evident, secure, and capable of withstanding the demands of the hemp supply chain


Can I reuse outbound containers?
While some duffels are designed for single-use, there are reusable options available. Always check the product specifications for reuse guidelines.
Are off-ramp tackles child-resistant?
Yes, many egress totes are designed to be child-resistant, adding an extra layer of safety for homes with children.
Can I customize the size of leaving tackles?
Some suppliers offer customizable sizes based on the specific needs of your products. Discuss customization options with your supplier.
Are there specific guidelines for medical merchandise?
Yes, medical produce often have specific wrapping requirements. Ensure your chosen leaving cases meet the necessary medical standards.
How do I dispose of cases responsibly?
Check local regulations for the proper disposal of outbound containers. Many are recyclable, but some may require specific disposal methods.
Do off-ramp carryalls protect against moisture?
High-quality outbound containers often feature moisture-resistant materials, safeguarding merchandise from environmental conditions.
Can I purchase carryalls in bulk?
Many suppliers offer bulk purchasing options, providing cost-effective solutions for businesses with higher wrapping needs.

In conclusion, mastering the use of outbound containers involves understanding their functionality, embracing their benefits, and staying informed about industry-specific regulations. Whether you’re in the cannabis, pharmaceutical, or any other regulated industry, choosing the right exit cases enhances safety, compliance, and overall product protection.

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