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Product Description

Package Bros offers the best custom mylar bags for sale, including CR (child-resistant) options. Customers can order custom mylar bags or buy pre-made bags in bulk. With a focus on quality, our mylar bags are designed to protect and preserve products for extended periods. With many more options available, including custom designs and sizes, Package Bros is the best choice for those in need of high-quality mylar bags.

Suggested Use

Mylars come in various sizes and are perfect for just about anything you can imagine!

Pricing Includes

Pricing includes single-sided four color process print


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Product Features

That’s not all! We offer a wide range of treatments including but not limited to hot foil stamping, water transfers, powder coating and more, available for both jars and lids!

Finally, we offer warehousing solutions so you can order in large quantities while maintaining your on-time delivery system without worry.

Certified Child Resistant

Our Hinged CR Tins are child-resistant certified. They’re specifically designed to only be easily opened by adults.

Happier When Hinged

The integrated hinge means that the lid is never lost. Print on the interior lid with a pattern or brand story for an extra special experience.

Robust Print Capabilities

Like all of our products, the only limit is your imagination. From Pantone matching to metallics and spot UV, customize to your heart’s content.

Durable & Recyclable

With 100% tin construction, these tins are made to be reusable. Since they’re all-metal, that means they are easily recyclable!

Multiple Sizes Available

We offer our products in assorted shapes and sizes, so you can safely store all your products. Whether it’s a vape cartridge, a pack of pre-rolls, or a battery kit, we’ve got you covered,

Customizable Insert Options

Sometimes you just need a little bit more security. Our customizable inserts come in multiple materials, shapes, and sizes, to hold your product in place.

Additional Options

Biodegradable Inserts

Biodegradable Inserts



Air Seal Band


Emboss /


* Prices are per unit unless otherwise noted.

How It Works?
1. Contact Us
1. Contact Us

Reach out to Package Bros to discuss your next project! We’ll cover topics like: what kind of packaging you’re looking for, what quantities you need them in, what your project constraints are, and more

2. Creative Process
2. Creative Process

Submit your artwork or work with our in-house designers to create the product of your dreams

3. Proofing and Deposit
3. Proofing and Deposit

Once everything looks good to print, we’ll send over a proof of what to expect. From there, a deposit will get production rolling!

4. Production + Shipping
4. Production + Shipping

We’ll keep you in the loop on production lead-times along with providing tracking information once shipping commences.

5. Reception and Service
5. Reception and Service

We appreciate all feedback and want to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

Lead Times

Shipping Option Lead Time
Express Air 5-7 Days
Standard Air 13-15 Days
Standard Boat 30-35 Days

In the ever-evolving landscape of encasing solutions, one term that often takes the spotlight is custom mylar bags. But what exactly are these innovative pouches, and why are businesses gravitating towards them for their packaging needs? Let’s embark on a journey to demystify the realm of these specialized flexible bags.

Exploring the essence of specialized flexible bags

Metalized sacks, also known as foil briefcases or barrier purses, represent a cutting-edge enveloping solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of various industries. These bags are crafted from a high-performance polyester film, offering a myriad of advantages that cater to the demands of modern sealing.

Mylar bags custom design or custom exit bags typically consist of a polyester film known for its exceptional durability and resistance. This unique material acts as a protective shield, safeguarding the contents from external elements such as moisture, light, and contaminants.

custom mylar bags usaThe versatility of metallic purses shines through their ability to accommodate various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re sealing snacks, electronics, or pharmaceuticals, these purses can be tailored to suit the specific dimensions and requirements of your commodities.Unlike conventional encasing options, Metallic carriers offer a canvas for creative expression. The possibilities for customization are virtually limitless, from vibrant prints and logos to unique shapes and closures. Brands can leverage this to enhance their visual identity and captivate consumers.


Navigating the advantages of tailored flexible packaging

As businesses navigate the complex terrain of enveloping choices, the advantages of opting for custom Wrapping sacks become increasingly evident. Let’s delve into the myriad benefits that set these sacks apart from traditional alternatives.

Extended Shelf Life

Metalized carriers act as guardians of freshness, extending the shelf life of perishable goods. The robust barrier properties of the polyester film ensure that commodities remain untainted by external factors, preserving their quality and flavor

Brand Boost

In the competitive arena of product presentation, Wrapping sacks emerge as brand ambassadors. The customizable nature of these carriers allows businesses to showcase their unique personality, reinforce brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression on consumer

Eco-Friendly Considerations

The eco-conscious consumer of today seeks sustainable encasing solutions. Wrapping carriers, when crafted with environmentally friendly compositions, contribute to a brand’s commitment to reducing its ecological footprint. This aligns with the growing trend of consumers opting for commodities packaged in an eco-responsible manner

Enhanced Protection

Polyester purses act as a fortress against external threats. Whether it’s protecting food from humidity, electronic devices from static, or pharmaceuticals from contamination, these carriers provide an extra layer of defense that traditional enveloping often fails to deliver

Cost-Effective Enveloping

Contrary to the assumption that innovation comes at a hefty price, Wrapping sacks offer cost-effective enveloping solutions. Their durability translates to reduced product damage, minimizing losses during transit and storage

Explore diverse industries utilizing custom mylar packaging

Explore diverse industries utilizing custom mylar packaging

  • Gastronomy Galore: picture the enticing aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, or the vibrant hues of artisanal spices – custom totes have become the chosen guardians of flavor in the food industry. From snacks to condiments, the food sector relies on the adaptability and protective prowess of these pouches.
  • Pharmaceutical Fortress: in the pharmaceutical world, precision is paramount. Metalized-clad packages provide a shield against external elements, ensuring the efficacy and safety of medicinal commodities. The pharmaceutical industry, with its stringent requirements, finds solace in the reliability of these specialized pouches.
  • Fashion Forward: even the world of fashion has embraced the charm of bespoke encasing. Clothing, accessories, or luxury items – the tailored pouches not only protect these treasures but also elevate the unboxing experience, leaving a lasting impression on customers.
  • Tech’s Trusted Companion: ever wondered how delicate electronic components navigate their way to your doorstep unscathed? The tech industry entrusts its valuable gadgets to these totes, which act as a fortress against static, moisture, and the perils of transportation.
  • Health and Beauty Haven: from serums to shampoos, the health and beauty sector relies on custom clutches to keep their goods pristine. The transparency and durability of the encasing allow consumers to catch a glimpse of the superiority they’re investing in.

Overview of custom shape mylar bags as a packaging material

Now, let’s unravel the secret ingredient behind the success of these versatile totes – Polyester. This high-performance polyester film is the unsung hero, offering a combination of features that make it the go-to composition for tailored flexible containerizing.

Durable Defender

Wrapping’s robust nature acts as a protective shield, ensuring that the contents remain unscathed by external factors such as moisture, light, or contaminants. It’s the armor that goods need for their journey from production to the hands of consumers

Flexible Friend

Versatility is Polyester’s middle name. Its ability to conform to various shapes and sizes makes it the ideal choice for products of all kinds. Whether you’re containerizing a delicate electronic device or a delectable snack, Polyester adapts without compromising its protective qualities

Sustainable Sidekick

In an era where sustainability is non-negotiable, Metalized rises to the occasion. Crafted with eco-friendly considerations, it aligns with the growing trend of responsible consumption without compromising on the quality of containerizing

Customization Champion

Metallic doesn’t just stop at protection; it’s a canvas for creativity. The ability to print vibrant designs, logos, and essential information transforms these clutches into a visual storytelling tool for brands

Cost-Effective Companion

While innovation often comes with a hefty price tag, Metalized challenges this notion. Its durability translates to reduced product damage during transit, minimizing losses and making it a cost-effective containerizing solution

Why Should You Choose Custom Mylar Bags Wholesale From Packagebros?

custom mylar packaging

  • Unmatched QualityAt Packagebros, superiority isn’t just a standard; it’s a commitment. Our customized clutches are crafted with precision, using top-notch components that ensure durability and protection. When you choose Packagebros, you’re choosing cannabis packaging design that stands the test of time.
  • Tailored to PerfectionOne size doesn’t fit all, and we understand that. Our satchels are customizable to meet the unique needs of your merchandise. Whether it’s size, shape, or design, we tailor the totes to your specifications, ensuring a snug fit for your items.
  • Visual Appeal that Speaks VolumesThey say, “Presentation is everything,” and we couldn’t agree more. Our pouches are not just protectors; they’re ambassadors of your brand. With vibrant printing and design options, your goods don’t just stay secure; they make a statement.
  • Sustainability at its CoreIn an era where environmental responsibility is non-negotiable, our satchels step up to the plate. Crafted with eco-friendly compositions and processes, they offer a sustainable solution without compromising on the superiority of containerizing.custom mylar bags
  • Cost-Effective BrillianceValue doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Our totes, in addition to their durability, minimize the risk of merchandise damage during transit, translating to cost-effectiveness for your business.
  • Customer-Centric ApproachYour satisfaction is our priority. We take a customer-centric approach, working closely with you to understand your needs and deliver satchels that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Can I get a sample before placing a bulk order?
Absolutely! We understand the importance of assessing the merchandise before committing to a larger order. Contact our team, and we’ll arrange for a sample to be sent your way.
What components are used for the pouches?
Our clutches are crafted using high-superiority, food-grade compositions, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.
Is there a minimum order quantity for customized satchels?
While we cater to both small and large businesses, specific customization options may have minimum order requirements. Our team can guide you based on your needs.
How long does the customization process take?
The customization process varies based on the complexity of your requirements. We aim for a quick turnaround and will provide you with a timeline when discussing your order.
Are satchels suitable for all types of goods?
Yes, our clutches are designed to accommodate a wide range of products, from food items to electronics. The customization options allow for versatility in application.
Our clients expect the best and we deliver!
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